The Empty pillow collection is a series of hollow pillows where soft cushioning is achieved through engineered thermoplastics rather than traditional stuffing. The case study is the result of a design charrette sponsored by Dupont and Core77 to find new approaches in existing product applications where thermoplastics have not been explored.

To achieve the level of comfort required in a soft home application, the Empty pillows are injection-molded from Hytrel, a thermoplastic whose flexibility combined with its warm tactile properties may allow it to replace conventional foam/spring construction in upholstery and cushions. The designs push the properties of plastics to their limits, offering a balance between structure and flex, human ergonomics and tactility. By using plastic, rather than the delicate fabrics and foams used in conventional pillows, the Empty Pillows gain unique properties: indoor/outdoor use (all seasons), breathable, stain resistant, and dishwasher safe.

To fit comfortably in the context of the home environment. the designs reference forms and ideas associated with home comfort. The Weave pillow, pictured in white and green, combines the progressive use of plastic with traditional woven construction. The pillow is woven into a pattern before the assembly of the two halves. The Doily pillow, pictured in white/red, makes a direct reference to a doily pattern, in this case it is laser cut into the pillow after molding, allowing for seasonal changes to the pattern. The FlipFlap pillow, pictured in green/yellow and blue, incorporates large cutouts which reveal the internal structure that provides the cushion's engineered flex.

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