Juxtaposed: Power

The second in the Juxtaposed series of curated bookshelves. Designed by Mike and Maaike for blankblank. Curated by Athmeya Jayaram.

2,451 pages 2,390 years 2,251 wars 432 revolutions 90 empires 7 books 1 shelf. Seven of the world's most seminal texts on power and its relationship to the ordering of society are brought together and presented on the same level.

"What should we value most--freedom or security, merit or equality? And who should decide--the few or the many, individuals or groups, humanity or God?" -Athmeya Jayaram

Reclaimed hardwood, books. 36”w x 5”h x 8”d.
Offered in a limited edition of 50. price: $3000

produced by and available from http://www.blankblank.net
Photos: Dwight Eschliman

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