Tonic is a super simple modular office landscape designed by Mike & Maaike for Watson Furniture Group. The Tonic landscape creates an open, inspiring and changeable work environment. Tonic is designed to support personal, shared and public work modes.

Rather than dividing the table surface evenly between people (my space vs yours), Tonic’s center runway creates shared space (mine, yours & ours).  This encourages collaboration and interaction between individuals.

The modular center runway supports plug and play components such as lighting, storage and privacy modules, so the system can adjust and provide flexibility as teams evolve.

The Tonic landscape includes a variety of expandable team tables, individual tables, storage options, meeting components, creative tools, privacy and organization accessories.

For the Tonic Trolley, we reimagined the conventional storage pedestal to be open and flexible while providing lockable storage for phones, laptops & tablets.  The Tonic Simple Table is a round table with a rotating whiteboard in the center for fun exchange of ideas (or lunch).

Manufactured by Watson Furniture in Poulsbo, Washington.  Cia Mooney: project lead.

Availability: Watson Furniture

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